Terms & Contact

Terms & Contact

Commercial Copywriting

  • Rates: I will work on a per-project or an hourly basis. Contact for hourly rates.
  • Payment: When working with new clients, I will require half of the initial, agreed-upon fee up front, with the remainder of the fee due upon satisfactory completion of the work.
  • Rush Fees: If a project requires a quick turnaround—e.g., 48 hours or over a weekend—I reserve the right to bill rush fees not to exceed 25% of the total project cost.
  • Kill Fees: If copywriting has been completed before a project is killed, I am entitled to full payment of the initial fee. If copywriting has not been completed when a project is killed, I am entitled to full payment of all time invested to that point, billed at my hourly rate.
  • Revisions: All fees include two revision passes. I will charge my standard hourly rate for further revisions.


I provide the following editorial services. All prices include a Skype call if desired.

  • Short Story Copyedit: $25/hour for a full copyedit, 2 hour minimum. 7,500 words maximum.
  • Novel Editorial Review: $25/hour. This covers content development and focuses on chapter analysis, plot holes, and so forth. (Note: this is not copyediting.)
  • Novel Copyedit: Pricing depends on length: $750 for novels up to 75,000 words, $1250 for 75,000–100,000 words, and $125 for each additional 10,000 words over 100,000.
  • Nonfiction Copyedit: $20–25/hour, depending on complexity of subject matter and style guide needs. This covers projects such as scholarly papers and nonfiction books.
  • Rush Fees: Projects requiring a quick turnaround will include rush fees equal to 25% of the base price.

Creative Writing

  • Contact for rates.