Madness & Monsters Now Available in Paperback

Oct 6, 2014—My first collection of short stories is now available in paperback! Madness & Monsters is a collection of creepy stories that reveals the darkness lurking in people and everyday objects. Follow a quest to summon an angel, explore a dark basement, and face down a pack of hungry wolves.

A sample PDF of this book is available here.

For $6.99 (plus shipping), you can get a signed and personalized copy in my store. Also, order the paperback, and I’ll also send you the eBook at no additional cost.

Madness & Monsters is also available in paperback at the following locations:

Madness & Monsters Now Available

Oct 31, 2013—My first collection of short stories is how here! Madness & Monsters is a collection of creepy stories that reveals the darkness lurking in people and everyday objects. Follow a quest to summon an angel, explore a dark basement, and face down a pack of hungry wolves.

A sample PDF of this book is available here.

For $2.99, you can get your DRM-free copy in EPUB (iOS, Nook), MOBI (Kindle), and PDF format in my store.

The collection is also available at the following locations:

Kindle Store (epub)
iTunes/iBookstore (epub)
Nook Store (epub) (kindle, epub, pdf)

For those who like physical books, fear not! A print edition is also in the works and should be available in the near future.

BattleTech: Onslaught Anthology Now Available!

Sep 12, 2013BattleTech fans, get your dose of BattleTech fiction with this ebook anthology of seven BattleCorps stories set during the Clan Invasion.

My story “Double Down” is included in this collection, which also features stories by Chris Hussey, Jason Hansa, Steven Mohan, Jr., Craig A. Reed, and Jason Schmetzer.

Get your copy of the anthology from the following retailers:
Barnes & Noble

Flights of Fiction Anthology Now Available!

May 6, 2013—Two years ago my local writing critique group was asked by a publisher to put together an anthology of short stories set in and around the southwestern Ohio area. It’s taken a long while to get here, but Flights of Fiction is now finally available.

My story in this anthology, “Nose Art,” was chosen as the centerpiece of the collection and has gotten a lot of attention so far. Military and aviation buffs will definitely appreciate this story. Stories by the anthology’s ten other authors include such offerings as post-apocalyptic tale “The Dead of Winter,” the haunting story of “Tabitha’s Portrait,” and the mystery of “Lisa Goodman, Writer.”

Check out the anthology here.

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      Phil is an incredibly thorough editor. I’ve been blown away by his attention to detail and the value his perspective brings to my writing.

      Michael Martin, Author

      Philip A. (The “A” stands for “Awesome”) Lee stepped up in a big way when circumstances wouldn’t allow me to take on this Cosmic Patrol book. Thanks Phil! You rocked it!

      Matt Heerdt, Creator of Cosmic Patrol

      “…I absolutely loved your writing sample. Not many people can make something as boring as [the product] actually sound interesting! Great job.”

      Maggie Walter,

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