Madness & Monsters – Signed Paperback, eBook (multiple formats)

Madness & Monsters is a collection of creepy stories that reveals the darkness lurking in people and everyday objects. Follow a quest to summon an angel, explore a dark basement, and face down a pack of hungry wolves. When you go looking for monsters, will you walk away with your sanity intact, or will you become a monster yourself? Whether you have book smarts, hunting skills, or intimate knowledge of what makes a man tick, sometimes the shadowed corners are better left unexplored.

This book collects seven of Philip A. Lee’s short stories, each of which is packed with unsettling ambiance and unexpected turns. (2013. Approx 100 pages)

A sample PDF of this book is available here. Also, order the paperback, and you’ll get the eBook for free.

$2.99 for EPUB, MOBI, and PDF


$6.99 (+$2.00 shipping) for signed paperback

Flights of Fiction: Southwest Ohio Stories by Southwest Ohio Authors – Signed Copy

Spend a night at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, get lost in a haunting image of the past, and delve into the mysterious world of wrestling. Written by members of the Western Ohio Writers Association, Flights of Fiction includes short stories set in and around Southwestern Ohio. This fiction anthology features the story “Nose Art,” by Philip A. Lee, and ten other stories in various genres, including mystery and science fiction. Signed. (2013, Handcar Press. 154 pages)

$11.95 (+$2.00 Shipping)

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