The Promised Hero – 1997, Science Fiction

After an unexplainable accident, a college student finds himself wrenched into the far future. The human race is changed beyond recognition, and a cybernetic tyrant and his hordes of machines control every corner of the earth. The genetically altered slaves see the last human being as the catalyst to their true freedom. But every waking moment, the threat of the Fist and his black tower looms ever closer.

Gateway to Eternity– 2000, Science Fiction

The near future: The sky has turned black, and every day, rain drowns lower California. Plagued by a past he cannot escape, one man seeks to find his destiny in a fabled utopia that cannot possibly exist.

Journeys of Change: The Burning Blue – 2001, Fantasy 

A farmer’s son dreams of becoming a master swordsman. An imperial maxarch dreams of living up to his departed father’s memory. An aging Diviner wishes only to hear the Wind whisper to him once again. With their dreams in shambles, each must undergo a journey of change to prepare themselves to face the most powerful force in known history, a force so profound that it once shattered humanity to the breaking point. Against barbarian slavers and creatures of darkness, can they prevent history from repeating itself?

The Keeper of Secrets – 2002, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Nuclear warfare long ago shattered technology and severed communications around the globe. Believing the holocaust to to be divine judgment for their technological hubris, the surviving Japanese ordered all books and technology to be indiscriminately locked away and safeguarded. The fires of the Crisis have now passed, and Japan has reverted to a period of feudalism. By mimicking Japan’s Golden Age and remaining isolated from the rest of the world, the surviving warlords believe they can restore favor with the gods their ancestors failed to please. But the fate of one man could either save them or destroy them all.

The Halls of Valhalla – 2003, Fantasy/Mythology

After falling into forbidden love and defying her father’s mandates, a downtrodden Norse warrior-woman becomes one of the final keys to Ragnarok—the prophesied destruction of the Nine Worlds and the gods who watch over them. As she races against a world on the verge of chaos, will her love halt the approach of universal annihilation or hasten it?

The Windmaker – 2003, Supernatural

The last Indian reservation in the United States has been shut down due to an exploited technicality in Indian Affairs laws, and the land is ordered to be vacated. Through an odd request in his half-Omaha father’s will, Jefferson Reed meets an old Omaha tribesman who urges Jeff to seek out his lost heritage before it vanishes completely. However, the price of recovering his heritage may cost more than he—or the world—is willing to sacrifice.

The Columbus Project – 2005, Science Fiction

A meek, prodigious naval engineer and a paranoid commander both seek to leave Earth behind them for good.  Their vessel, designed to explore deep space, affords them both the perfect opportunity… until they stumble upon a horrifying secret locked away by the universe itself, a secret that had been hidden for very good reason. Together they must race against time to prevent everything they hold dear from unraveling into oblivion.

Retrograde – 2006, Science Fiction

The gods and goddesses of Norse myth have returned to life—but as evolved, self-aware computer programs responsible for modern society’s everyday infrastructure. The AI named LOKI  threatens to destroy his fellow gods, and his plans will bring about a digital Ragnarok—the destruction of his technological world and all of the denizens that inhabit it. However, if his plan succeeds, Ragnarok will spill over the digital realm and collapse the real world back to the Stone Age. Only one man stands in his way, the programmer responsible for creating the prison LOKI is trying to escape.

Spectrum – 2012, Fantasy/Steampunk

On an ancient world of run-down technology, a race of noble souls who holds the secrets to the universe is hunted to the brink of extinction. Feared and hated by those around them and the god-emperor who condemns them, the Septara are hunted and imprisoned to await their eventual genocide. But who will speak for the dead? Who will carry on the Septara’s legacy and illuminate the world once their light has been extinguished?

The Sunshine Wars – In Progress, Science Fiction

More than five hundred years ago, the sun began prematurely enlarging, and those who could afford to leave Earth departed to find a habitable planet. As the sun continued to grow, the last remnants of humanity have spent five hundred years fighting over what few resources remain, until all that is left is a sun-scorched wasteland populated by those who refuse to let the sun take their planet.

This is the story of those left behind to face the wrath of an angry sun.

Journeys of Change: The Fallen Fire – TBA, Fantasy

Journeys of Change: The Tower of Three – TBA, Fantasy

Short Stories


  • “Revelation” – 2nd place winner of the 1996 Kenneth W. Linsley Prize contest
  • “Exeunt” – A man is invited to a strange off-Broadway theater production that is
  • “Undone” – How far will someone go to break the resolve of a man who understands the meaning of life but will not share it?
  • “Sold” – What happened to the previous owner of items bought at a garage sale?
  • “When Comes the Angel” – People always try summoning demons, but no one ever tries  summoning an angel.
  • “The Underbelly” – Sometimes it’s best not to go into the basement of that house you just bought.
  • “Wolf Hunt” – A Native American man finds a lost little girl on the side of the road.
  • “Nose Art” – An Iraq veteran finds himself trapped in a military museum after hours.

Science Fiction

  • “Winds of Change” – novella; quarterfinals in the 3rd Quarter 2004 Writers of the Future contest.
  • “The ADAM Experiment” – A genetic engineer attempts to erase Original Sin from human DNA.
  • “Unraveled” – A young savant stumbles across a secret of the fabric of the universe.


  • “Snatched Away” – A non-traditional assassin thinks twice about harvesting her latest mark.
  • “The Road to Asgard” – An aging Norse veteran who has not yet died in battle seeks to find entrance to Valhalla, but there are no wars to be had. short stories

  • “A Wolf in the Eyrie”
  • “Half of a Warrior”
  • “Seeds of Loyalty”
  • “Whispering Death”
  • “Fragments of History”
  • “A Living Epitaph”
  • “Double Down”
  • “So Costly a Sacrifice”
  • “Rain Dance”

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