Tying the Knot: 10-30-15

Tying the Knot: 10-30-15

(Photo by Lizbonj Photography)

Now that marriage equality is official across the country, Carrie and I have decided to get married. If you haven’t yet read about our story, here are a few relevant links:

This first one is a link to a story one of Carrie’s coworkers asked her to write: Why One Couple Waited 13 Years to Get Engaged

Culture blog Laughing Squid also picked up on the news: Straight Ohio Couple Who Waited for Nationwide Marriage Equality Gets Engaged After 13 Years

Lastly, Carrie was interviewed by a reporter for NBC: A Very Easy Decision

The ceremony will be held on Friday, October 30th, 2015.

We’re grateful for all the love and support you all have given us throughout the years.

Since we’ve been together long enough to not need kitchen utensils or bath towels or other traditional wedding gifts, we’re forgoing a standard wedding registry in lieu of donations to our Remodel the Kitchen Fund. Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone able to contribute.

Thank you!