BattleTech: Total Chaos – Writing sample

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BattleTech: Total Chaos – Writing sample

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  1. I may be a bit corny here to say that reading your blog and your site, aliebt unfinished, has made me feel that I am destined to meet you as part of my life plan unfolding. I have always loved to write and I, too, have many journals as well as unfinished books that I was too fearful to finish. I found you by searching ( for the twentieth time in two years) how to satrt a blog-but I never have found the courage to move forward with that endeavor, either. Yet in many ways, I feel very brave and many times I take on great and new challenges. But writing? I always chicken out on that one. I think I might have discovered the reason; writing is not something I am willing to fail at. (yea-I know.. ending with a preposition surely won’t impress). So it’s easier to not face that challenge. Well, I turned 50 in November and whether that’s the typical age to start ticking off the bucket list entries or it’s simply that I am mature enough to be okay with whatever end results are if the process is enjoyable, I am determined to find the nerve to take the dive. I was looking for on-line information on writing blogs and stumbled on yours and for some reason, I feel pretty sure that diversion was a blessing. I’m sure that I will learn from you even if I never have the opportunity to meet you, but I sure hope to be able to attend a writers’ workshop or a speaking event you that present. I wish you the best! Your love of writing and passion to inspire others is so evident and therefore, I believe you deserve to make a prosperous living doing both! I hope to be one of the many who gains from your efforts!Patty Lininger,Pittsburgh, Pa

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